Moiez and Milk N Cookies – L.L.A.P.

Proud to present this ungodly collaboration between two names that you will be hearing a lot about down the road. These guys are no strangers to the site either. Moiez has enough milk on B&G to feed the state of Montana and Milk N Cookies have been known to get their beaks wet on some of that delicate stuff as well. These guys are playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. Seriously though, dream tag-team here on this track. This song has such an incredible combination of sweet, sweet emotion and hard-hitting electro swerve that it sends my mind on a roller coaster straight to cheese-town. I hope you miserly rabbits enjoy this as much as I do and crank (or sequel crank 2) it out this weekend to impress the three or four chicks that have had sent you packing to a little town called friend-zone since day one.

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